Level up your tech and security defenses.

Robust and layered cyber protection that enables you to focus on what matters most.

IT Services

Managed I.T. Services

All-inclusive I.T. services you can change or upgrade at any time, with round-the-clock monitoring and management.


Replace existing software costs with one flat fee that guarantees recovery and protects your business from cyberattacks.

Digital Transformation

Take control of the future and get a high ROI with digital transformation plans tailored for your business.

Stop Ransomware. Guaranteed.


Backed by a $2 million ransomware warranty, AirGuard protects
your business with bundled cybersecurity and I.T. services
with flat-fee monthly plans.

All you need in one place.

Airiam bundles cybersecurity and I.T. software, support, and services into three hassle-free monthly plans.


Monthly per-user fee.

Get full cybercoverage, including endpoint monitoring, threat detection and response, threat intelligence, SOC services, SIEM, backup disaster and recovery.

Guaranteed recovery.

If your business is attacked, Airiam guarantees to get your business up and running again for free. 


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