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Keep your systems secure and compliant. The tools needed to complement cyber insurance.

Never Pay Ransom

AirAssure provides the cybersecurity you need with cloud backup and continuity solutions that keep both you and your insurance company happy. With AirAssure, your data and systems are inaccessible to threat actors and ransomware.    

In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, it’s vital to have a trusted partner to protect your data and systems from outside threats. AirAssure is your solution for safety, robust backups, and compliance support. 

AirGuard™ + AirGapd™ = AirAssure

AirGuard: Stop Ransomware. Guaranteed.

AirGuard is the managed security service provider you need.  Backed by a $2 million ransomware warranty, AirGuard managed detection and response (MDR) protects your business with bundled cybersecurity and IT services. Get complete cybersecurity protection - managed detection and response, identity and access management (IAM) and multifactor authentication (MFA) - with flat-fee monthly plans.

AirGapd: Backup for Security

We understand how hackers deliver ransomware and damage recovery paths. Most recoveries result in ransom payments because attackers destroy backups, backup servers, disaster recovery hotsite backups, etc. If they can damage your recovery path, ransom payments are necessary. AirGapd makes your infrastructure ransomware resilient.