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Managed IT Services / AirMonitor


Remote monitoring and management (RMM) for your organization’s IT environment.

Manage and Monitor Everything

AirMonitor offers our state-of-the-art tool-stack to your IT team. So stop struggling and worrying about budgets to purchase the tool-stack you need and start managing with ease. AirMonitor gives your organization remote monitoring and management (RMM) capabilities and more. 

Full visibility of your systems is critical. AirMonitor gives your techs a single, comprehensive view of client environments to take action confidently. AirMonitor’s automation unlocks efficiency and precision at scale. Technology management stacks are continuously evolving. Your team needs tools to meaningfully integrate and streamline processes to get full value from their resources. 

AirMonitor makes your job easier

Assign and control software licenses

Block specific sites across your network

Automate IT management

Push updates and patches to your entire organization

Manage servers, workstations, networks and orchestration

Avoid tedious system-by-system patches and updates

AirMonitor Benefits

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Robust Remote Monitoring Designed to Scale with Your Organization 

Network complexity and integrations are easier to scale with AirMonitor, Airiam’s RMM solution.