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Every company and industry is unique. Airiam knows how to protect and strengthen a business considering its sector. 

>> Manufacturing​

Cyberattacks in manufacturing are high because of the valuable intellectual property, personal consumer data, specialized IoT device, and corporate espionage attacks. Manufacturers require the most resilient cybersecurity available.

>> transportation & logistics​

One of the most vulnerable industries tends to have a bad practice towards cybersecurity. Transportation and logistics companies using IoTs, including in-vehicle monitoring systems and ADAS, are susceptible to hacks that disrupt global supply chains for weeks.

>> Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships handle sensitive customer financial and personal information. They are also subject to new FTC rules that require them to safeguard this data. Cybersecurity might be overlooked in many dealerships. Work with Airiam to protect your customers and operation from threats and avoid government fines.

Energy & Utilities

From small businesses to large enterprises, data breeches are climbing at a fast pace. Businesses are investing in high-performing cybersecurity systems to fight back.

criminal justice & law enforcement

Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies are prone to having the weakest cybersecurity protection. Combined with their storage of intimate data on thousands of people, make them a target for hackers.

Financial Services

Firms in financial services are 300x more at risk of a cyberattack than any other industry. Financial services cybersecurity must be top of the line to safeguard valuable client data, and continue meeting industry and governmental compliance laws.


As they tend to have weaker cybersecurity defenses, government departments are seeing a high influx of cyberattacks. Since 2019, 88% of state and local government agencies have suffered from at least one cyberattack.


Healthcare organizations risk upwards of $1.4 million if attacked by a cyberthreat. With personal patient records at risk of exposure, healthcare institutions must protect this information at high costs.


Law firms are vulnerable targets for hackers. In firms with more than 100 attorneys, one in four suffer from a cyberattack. With a treasure trove of confidential client information, as well as trade secrets, law firms are forced to keep privileged data private.

Professional Services

Cybercriminals are frequently targeting service-based businesses such as accounting firms at an unprecedented rate. Many professional services firms are unaware and ill-prepared for a cyberattack, even though they are often primary targets. Cybersecurity is critical for Professional services firm.

nonprofits & education​

From accepting donations online to storing personal identification in a cloud, nonprofits and educational organizations have a tempting amount of data for cyberattacks. Having a robust cybersecurity for nonprofits must be a top priority.