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Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by testing your systems with AirAudit.

AirAudit for Your Cybersecurity Posture

AirAudit keeps dangerous vulnerabilities in check to ensure your systems aren’t vulnerable to attack. When you stay ahead of attackers, you minimize the threat of ransomware attacks. Penetration testing is a key component of our AirAudit solution.

AirAudit provides in-depth discovery of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and flaws that threat actors look for to access your systems. When your organization takes the opportunity to see your security posture through the eyes of your most significant threat, you prevent them from taking over your infrastructure. 

Expert Team

Our expert auditing helps you discover exploitable flaws in your security through our vulnerability scanning, assessment, ransomware simulation, and penetration testing options.


Stay compliant through our combination of AirAudit options and other AirProducts.

How AirAudit Examines Your Systems

Internal Threat Preparedness

We test against internal networks to provide awareness of vulnerabilities within your organization’s network.

Ransomware Simulation

A step-by-step simulation of real-world ransomware attack chains tests your security against each step an attacker takes.

Security Posture Truth

AirAudit provides comprehensive vulnerability reports outlining the truth about your security mitigations against real-world threat actors and their methods. Ensure your team has the necessary information to be prepared for threat actors, even if they gain access.

Continuous Year-Round Testing

Options for daily vulnerability scanning and year-round penetration testing keep you up to date, even on the newest vulnerability and attack methods, giving you the ability to respond and mitigate quickly.

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AirAudit Features