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Sometimes your business needs a CIO or CISO. Airiam has leadership on-demand.

AirExec for Virtual Leadership and Strategy

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) provide critical guidance to businesses, but they’re hard to find and harder to keep. The hiring market is competitive, and top technology experts command top-dollar salaries. Small and mid-sized enterprises have critical security and IT needs but affording and finding support from a qualified executive may be nearly impossible without breaking the bank. In addition, that executive you hire today could be swept away tomorrow by a bigger, better-financed company, putting you right back to square one.

If your business is facing challenges finding quality tech leadership support when you need it, AirExec is the answer. We offer expert CIO and CISO oversight from real people, virtually or on-site, on your schedule at an affordable price.

How AirExec Helps Your Team

If you hired your dream technology expert, what would they do for you? AirExec can provide support in several ways, including:

Ongoing Support

AirExec is very different from traditional consulting services. Consultants are usually short-term players. They evaluate, make recommendations, and leave you to implement them or find another vendor who can do the work. Sometimes the recommendations consultant offer work, and sometimes they don’t. Often, consultants don’t stick around to find out if they truly made a difference in your organization.

AirExec is here to support your business long-term and be a partner in your success. We’re committed to keeping up with changing technology and providing the expert support and proven experience you deserve at a price that won’t break the bank. We’ll make sure the solutions we provide are the solutions your business needs. Airiam’s proprietary suite of cybersecurity and managed IT AirProducts or another technology vendor might be recommended to accomplish your mission. We’re part of your team, even if you only need us part-time.

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