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Run your business with 360° of cybersecurity protection and coverage and stop attacks.

Airiam Makes Cybersecurity Easy

Airiam protects companies with a strong, proactive approach. We hunt down your digital vulnerability, fix it, and ensure firewalls protect your sensitive data. We monitor for hostile activities around the clock. With these building blocks, Airiam constructs a resilient cybersecurity system that stops cyberattacks before they become threats. 

Replace existing software costs with one flat fee that guarantees recovery and protects your business from cyberattacks. 

AirGuard™ cybersecurity suite, AirGapd™ backup support, and AirAudit™ testing keeps your infrastructure secure.   

Use AirProducts™ for All Your Cybersecurity Needs


AirGuard is the only managed security service you need. 

Backed by a $2 million ransomware warranty, AirGuard managed detection and response protects your business with bundled cybersecurity and IT services. Get complete cybersecurity protection - managed detection and response (MDR), identity and access management (IAM) and multifactor authentication (MFA) - with flat-fee monthly plans.


Stop Ransomware. Guaranteed.

We understand how hackers deliver ransomware and damage recovery paths. Most recoveries result in ransom payments because attackers destroy backups, backup servers, disaster recovery hotsite backups, etc. If they can damage your recovery path, ransom payments are necessary. AirGapd makes your infrastructure ransomware resilient.  


Uncover System Vulnerabilities  

Our expert auditing helps you discover exploitable flaws in your security through our Vulnerability Scanning, Assessment, Ransomware Simulation, and Penetration Testing options.

or Bring Your Own Cyber Stack

managed endpoint protection

Antivirus software is just one small part of managed endpoint protection. To fully protect paying customers, you will need the laser-sharp focus and precision of AI cyber tech monitoring and detecting threats.

managed EDR

Benefit from the expertise of Airiam analysts. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) data are reviewed for their usefulness, then used to fine-tune the system to be its most efficient in detecting and reporting threats.

managed firewall

Your business is managed and monitored through the robust Airiam firewall. Security threats are assessed and all network traffic is monitored.

sIEM & log management

Airiam handles security information and event management (SIEM) and log management on behalf of your business. Events that occur in your log, operating system, server, and other sources are analyzed to uncover suspicious activity. Airiam provides tailor-made reports.

vulnerability scanning & management

This service is devoted to detecting weak points and holes in your systems and patching them up with strong cybersecurity.

managed cloud security

With managed cloud security, know where all your data is located and who is accessing the cloud-based server, data, and infrastructure.

email security

Use one platform to monitor the ins and outs of email flow, including scanning attachments and URLs.

security awareness training

Conduct a useful training seminar for your employees so they learn best practices against cyberthreats and how to securely use technology.

security Processes

Create new policies and implement procedures that are easy to digest and implement for all.