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Get support in the toughest situations with fast and meticulous incident response.

AirRescue Provides Forensics, Recovery, and Post-Incident Improvements


AirRescue's forensic service offers forensic investigations, analysis, and reporting. We leverage endpoint detection and response (EDR) and other technology, enabling automated investigation and data collection. Our staff of trained and credentialed forensic analysts manage investigations.


AirRescue’s recovery service contains the threat, cleans up your environment, and gets you back into production. System engineers use zero-trust principles, next-gen cybersecurity products, and segmentation to provide containment. We then restore, decrypt, or rebuild your systems to get you up and running so you can get back to normal business operations.


AirRescue’s performs post-incident improvements such as Okta rollouts, system upgrades and migrations, firewall deployments, SIEM/SOAR/SOC implementations, backups, and hardening to improve your security posture and prevent future incidents.

We're Incident Response Experts

AirRescue handles breach response, business email compromise (BEC), and ransomware incident response on the front lines every day with seasoned IR project managers, cybersecurity experts, and system engineers. Our team is experienced in response, recovery, and post-incident improvement projects. We’ve helped small businesses to large enterprises across all industries recover from hundreds of incidents.  

2000 +
hours spent responding to cybersecurity incidents

Our Process Gets Your Business Back in Business

Airiam experts work with cyber insurance carriers, legal teams, and other cybersecurity and forensics teams. We run the stages of detection & analysis, containment, eradication, and recovery in parallel to restore your business back to production as quickly as possible.   Combining speed to recovery with proper containment and eradication of the threat actor, AirRescue moves quickly using agile principles to put the incident in your past and help you conquer the nightmare of the breach situation. 

Actions to Take Post-Attack

We all think it won’t happen to us. But if you experience a cybersecurity incident, taking the proper steps is critical for recovery. Contact your insurance carrier, your lawyer, and Airiam AirRescue. 

Steps to take when you've been breached:

Work with your lawyer to coordinate response:

Call a reputable cybersecurity company that can: