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Penetration Testing

We know penetration testing, so together, we can outsmart the cybercriminals.

How Airiam Pentests

Penetration testing is a key element in understanding the effectiveness of your organization’s security posture, or as we like to call it, the security ‘Truth.’ We have first-hand experience with threat actors and understand that malicious hackers are beyond multifaceted technical experts.  

These bad actors are experts in networks, operating systems, and applications. They also tend to be extraordinarily creative and know how to get past the most complex layer of securing networks, human beings. Airiam has assembled the most curious and creative technical experts to be part of the AirAudit team, and we’re here to support your business. 

AirAudit Penetration Testing Methodology

We also ask, “What new tricks are the bad actors using?” Airiam sets out to follow a proven methodology and continuously modify and add new tools and tricks. We work to understand the threats and ensure our testers can help your organization discover even the most sophisticated real-world attack methods.  

man working on penetration testing

The AirAudit penetration testing team also:

Daily scans and year-round testing keep your data secure

Regular off-the-shelf penetration tests are a great way to quickly find the most critical vulnerabilities to remediate on a network. These tests may include an engagement that lasts two to three weeks.  

During these tests, we may find your most critical vulnerabilities on the first day or, in some cases, a few days before the engagement is set to end. With this in mind, we asked, “How long do attackers stay in the network before they are noticed or deploy ransomware?”  

Airiam tracked our clients’ systems and discovered attackers might stay in their networks for more than six months before exfiltrating data, deploying malware, or other activities. We decided to offer year-round penetration testing and daily vulnerability scanning and assessments to prevent attacks. 

Beat the threat by knowing your vulnerabilities first.

Our penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) offering includes all the typical pen testing methodologies and also includes, plus: