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AirGuard™ FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our premier cybersecurity offering.

In addition to AirGuard, what should I do to improve my resilience?

Backup your systems. In addition to cybersecurity services from AirGuard, it is essential to have an immutable cloud backup solution like AirGapd. Our backup solution gives you the ability to recover your servers anywhere. Layer those backups with your standard on-premises backups (like a Veeam backup). 

Patch your systems. Unpatched systems allow hackers to gain a foothold. Hackers usually use known vulnerabilities to gain access to your network, move laterally within your network, and escalate privileges so they can act as an administrator. Patching your systems frequently and aggressively helps reduce the severity of an attack. Airiam AirCTRL patches endpoints, servers, and network devices as a managed service, if you need to add patching capability. 

Can I get a discount on my cybersecurity insurance premiums with AirGuard?

Your carrier may offer a discount for you with AirGuard’s verifiable risk reduction and management in place. If you have AirGuard Pro+, most cyber insurance companies have significantly reduced recovery costs if ransomware does happen. Airiam is happy to speak with your insurance carrier on your behalf to demonstrate this reduction in risk and try to get you a discount. 

Do I still need cybersecurity insurance?

We recommend all companies carry either a standalone cybersecurity policy or a cyber rider on their liability insurance. Make sure your policy covers your needs regarding ransomware, business email compromise and other breaches. Cyber threats change all the time, so it’s important to mitigate those risks with cybersecurity insurance. 

Cybersecurity insurance covers many expenses relating to your incident beyond the recovery. In the event of an incident, you’ll need to engage a cyber law firm, breach notification firm, and PR firm. You may be required to provide credit or identity protection services to victims, and you may be required to pay fines or fees. These costs add up quickly, so it’s vital to be prepared with a cyber insurance policy. 

What is the "Ransomware Recovery Guarantee" with AirGuard Pro+?

The ransomware recovery guarantee protects systems covered by AirGuard Pro+.

What We Cover 
AirRescue covers our team’s labor for incident management, project management, incident response, and recovery for AirGuard Pro+ customers. IR support after a breach can be intense and take many hours to get to full recovery. With our Ransomware Guarantee, you don’t have to worry about your costs with Airiam. 

What We Don’t Cover 
Our guarantee does not cover your legal costs, cyber insurance deductible, fines, ransom, breach notification costs, lost productivity, lost contracts, and other costs (such as providing identity protection for victims.) We strongly recommend purchasing cybersecurity insurance to help cover those costs.  

This guarantee does not cover systems that are not supported by AirGuard Pro+. Since AirGuard is a security product, not a backup product, we cannot guarantee the recovery path. We prefer to use usable backups if available. If not, we rebuild systems from scratch in your recovery. If you choose to pay the ransom, we can use the decryptor provided by the attacker to decrypt your systems. We cannot verify nor promise recovery using the ransom decryptor the attackers provide after you pay the ransom.