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8 Benefits of Incident Response Services for Law Firms

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Vivian Lee
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Cloud Incident Response: What It Is & How It Works | Airiam

Cloud Incident Response: What It Is & How It Works Cloud incident response (IR) might sound like a fancy tech buzzword, but it’s vital to any business’s cybersecurity program. There’s a good chance your company relies on the cloud for at least a pa
Jesse Sumrak
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Incident Response Costs: Know Your Fees in Advance | Airiam

Incident Response Costs: Know Your Fees in Advance It’s not if cyber attackers will target your business—it’s when. Even the best cybersecurity doesn’t prevent every attack, so eventually, you’ll have to think about what you do after a breach. How will
Jesse Sumrak
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The Airiam Podcast: Teach Me Series

Are you someone who’s always eager to learn about cybersecurity, IT, and the ever-evolving tech landscape? If so, we’ve got the perfect podcast series for you! Introducing “The Airiam Podcast: Teach Me,” where industry experts share their insights, tip

Beware of Phishing Attacks via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Phishing Attempts Unfortunately, researchers at AT&T Cybersecurity recently uncovered a concerning trend: attackers are leveraging Microsoft Teams, a widely used communication platform, to execute phishing attacks. While many users

Diversity in Your Company

Diversity in Your Company Building a workforce with diversity and inclusivity is extremely important for an organization’s success. It helps with new ideas, better decision-making, and makes employees happier. When you have a diverse team, it brings in

Types of Hackers

What are Hackers? Hackers, individuals with advanced computer skills, gain access to systems, networks, or data. Despite diverse personas, often associated with malicious intent, the hacker landscape features intricate classifications. Ethical defender

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