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Managed IT Services

All-inclusive and fully managed IT services for your organization.

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a proactive Approach

Airiam has one goal: Bringing your company closer to its goals. Fixing an issue before it becomes a serious (and expensive) problem for your business – that’s the strategy. Choosing services and managing software that boosts its efficiency – that’s the strategy. Airiam’s Managed IT team is adept in identifying the best courses of action considering budget, objectives, cybersecurity, cloud management, and much more. 

Airiam’s suite of IT services is designed to scale companies seamlessly, without wasting resources. Small and medium-sized businesses can rise to the next level with a world-class team of IT experts at their disposal. 

managed IT services

Airiam offers Managed IT services that are scalable, agile, and robust for all business types. With Airiam, businesses benefit from on-demand responses 24/7/365. Reduce the workload of in-house IT and give your expert more time to strategize about ways to improve the company’s operations. Patching, computer maintenance, and user support are just a few ways Airiam manages IT services end-to-end.  


IT Managed Services

Bolster the strength of your IT team and let Airiam manage your servers, workstations, networks, and help desk. Outsource all or part of your IT needs or let us co-managing specific systems with your internal IT team.


Keep an Eye on Your IT

AirMonitor provides IT Monitoring with an RMM Toolset allowing your MSP to reach your systems remotely. Beyond basic maintenance, our RMM toolset scans for security issues, so your network operates smoothly. Uncover the essential tools necessary for IT experts.


Better Backups for Ransomware Resilience

We understand how hackers deliver ransomware and damage recovery paths. Most recoveries result in ransom payments because attackers destroy backups, backup servers, disaster recovery hotsite backups, and more. If they can damage your recovery path, ransom payments are necessary. AirGapd makes your infrastructure ransomware resilient.  


Tier 2/3 Engineering and DevOps Support

Sometimes a project or situation calls for above-average knowledge and skills. AirAssist is a solution that brings exceptional IT and DevOps support to your company in a manageable and easy to work with way.

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