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A penetration test, also known as a pentest, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that is performed in order to evaluate the security of the system. A penetration test gives companies information on what weaknesses exist in their IT and cybersecurity environment. The main objective of a penetration test is to find all vulnerabilities that exist within the system, and then provide detailed instructions on how to fix them.

Start With a Free Penetration Test

Airiam is offering organizations a free autonomous penetration test. We are doing this to show companies what their vulnerabilities are. These gaps can be remediated using your team and technology stack or with our Airiam’s cyber resilience solutions like AirGuard™ for managed security or AirCTRL™ for IT management.

If the test does not uncover any vulnerabilities, Airiam will reward your company with $1,000! This is a great opportunity for companies to test if your systems are vulnerable to an attack.

Types of Penetration Tests

Airiam’s AirAudit™ solution provides a whole range of penetration testing options. Autonomous penetration tests utilize advanced technology to assess environments on a continual basis. Manual penetration tests are performed by people with the aid of different tools.

Every penetration test has a different scope and conditions. External tests attack the environment from outside of a network. Internal penetration tests assume the attacker has entered the environment. Application tests seek to break into standalone programs created. Mobile applications should also be penetration tested to uncover any errors. Red teaming engagements have a large scope and can include social engineering, physical access, and other techniques.

Continuous Autonomous Penetration Tests

A traditional manual penetration test is a look at a network in a fixed period of time. You may be secure today, but the IT environment of a company is constantly changing. By continually testing your system using advanced software, new vulnerabilities can be discovered and remediated. This type of testing can also be customized to focus on specific areas of concern, providing a more targeted assessment. The autonomous nature of Airiam’s penetration test means the system itself can find vulnerabilities in your network with little oversight.

This approach provides organizations with ongoing visibility into their exposure to cyber threats and allows them to identify and remediate vulnerabilities more quickly. In addition, a continuous penetration test can help to validate the efficacy of security controls and ensure that they are operating as intended. As a result, a continuous autonomous penetration test is an important tool for protecting an organization’s data.

Steps to Start Your Autonomous Penetration Test

Getting started with your free penetration test takes just a few steps:

  1. Setup the testing application in your system using a Docker file.
  2. Configure the penetration test scope to test a set of IPs and/or subnets.
  3. Launch the autonomous penetration test.
  4. After the test occurs, you will receive detailed reports on the findings.

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