Patching in VMware

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VMware is Frequent Attack Target

Cybercriminals have been targeting VMware and vCenter more than ever, exploiting newly discovered vulnerabilities with ease. Without high availability redundancies in place to facilitate patching, organizations can be particularly exposed to serious cyber risks resulting from their inability to update or secure systems quickly enough. As such companies must prioritize strategies for patching VMware.

Many choose VMware because of cost-saving benefits. With an increasing rate of adoption, VMware is the primary target for attackers. But rather than hastily discarding it altogether in favor of another system, we must recognize that any system – regardless of who created or designed it – can become vulnerable to cyber threats with enough time and effort being devoted towards exploiting its weaknesses.

Patching Can Be a Challenge

Patching VMware can be a challenge due to its complex process, making some organizations less willing to do it. However, with the right setup and resources available in an environment such as proper storage and enough hosts for their servers, patching becomes easier.

Many teams lack the proper tools and infrastructure to quickly recover from a system compromise. Without an accessible backup, they are forced to rebuild their IT environment item by item. As such, having up-to-date VMware software on standby is essential for effective incident response plans management.

Our team has gone onsite and worked remotely for customers to deploy VMWare servers. AirCTRL provides this service. Despite the technology and software being available, there are times where it’s difficult or impossible without an experienced professional present especially with a complicated installation. If a company needs to rely on a backup solution, AirGapd provides the answer.

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