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Podcast: Partnering with US Signal

Vivian Lee

Episode Summary

In this episode, Pat Cannon, Field CTO at US Signal, joins Art Ocain. With 10+ years of Cloud Architecture experience at US Signal, Pat gives us great insight on what US signal offers, how partnering with Airiam helps improve both companies’ services, and why he is excited to work with Airiam!

US Signal

Since its founding in 2001, US Signal has grown into the Midwest’s largest debt-free, privately held data center services provider. They offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including connectivity, cloud hosting, colocation, data protection, and disaster recovery services. The company is supported by its robust fiber network.

US Signal actively provides industry-leading data center solutions, managed services, and cloud services to meet evolving IT needs. The strategic network enables private WAN, one-hop connections to the internet, and direct links to hyper-scale cloud providers. This growth stems from US Signal’s adept understanding of customer demands, emerging technologies, and industry maturation, establishing it as a proactive and reliable partner in IT solutions.

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