Podcast: A Story of Resilience from Airiam’s Alex Zelenskiy

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Bill Bowman

Episode Summary

Since Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022, the war has upended the lives of millions and resulted in the tragic loss of many lives. Amidst the chaos and destruction, there are stories of resilience and goodness. Airiam’s Alex Zelenskiy discusses how he brought his family out of the conflict to safety after the invasion began in the podcast. He shares the lessons learned along the way and advice for people going through hard times.

Alex does not request any donations for himself, but rather he encourages people to donate to organizations run by people he personally knows on-the-ground in Ukraine. The Kharkiv Peace NGO is a voluntary non-governmental organization established to provide humanitarian assistance to Kharkiv residents.

Watch more episodes at www.airiam.com/podcast, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

Bonus Puzzle

At the end of the episode, Alex discusses his love of puzzles and riddles. One puzzle shared in the episode is outlined below. Tune in to the next podcast episode for the answer.

A cable of 80 meters is hanging from the top of two poles that are both 50 meters from the ground. What is the distance between the two poles, to one decimal place, if the center of the cable is: 10 meters above the ground? Hint: No math calculations are required. You have three minutes to think. 

The first person to email [email protected] with the correct answer wins a $50 gift card.

Video Highlights

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