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Resilience – Airiam Cybersecurity Webinar

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Bill Bowman


From patches to passwords, vulnerabilities to who is vulnerable, listen in to Jason Rebholz (Corvus Insurance), Conor Quinlan (Airiam), and Art Ocain (Airiam) talk about how companies can best protect themselves. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. To spread awareness on cybersecurity, Airiam and Corvus Insurance held an executive round-table on the hot topics related to cybersecurity.

The four key themes of the month that were discussed were:


Jason Rebholz is the Chief Information Security Officer at Corvus Insurance. He has over a decade of experience performing forensic investigations into sophisticated cyber attacks and helping organizations build secure and cyber resilient environments. As Corvus’s CISO, Jason leverages his incident response, security, and infrastructure expertise to drive security strategy and reduce the risk of security threats internally at Corvus and for Corvus’s policyholders. Prior to joining Corvus, Jason held leadership roles at Mandiant, The Crypsis Group, Gigamon, and MOXFIVE.

Conor Quinlan is the Chief Executive Officer at Airiam. Prior to Airiam, Conor founded and led MePush, a Pennsylvania-based managed service and ransomware incident response services company acquired by Airiam last year. He has a wealth of experience as a tech entrepreneur and has founded, partnered, and co-owned numerous businesses since 2009, including Summit Design Studio, BrightFlow Technologies, and SeventhWall.

Art Ocain is the Vice President of Service Delivery at Airiam, previously Vice President of Cybersecurity & Incident Response. Prior to Airiam, Art was the Incident Response Practice Lead and IT/Cloud/Cybersecurity Strategist at MePush. He has over 10 years in IT and cybersecurity at MePush alone, and previously worked at Clark Technology Systems, Inc., Apex Homes, Inc., and SRA International.

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