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Best Managed Service Provider in Salisbury, Maryland

Jesse Sumrak

Airiam is the top managed service provider in Salisbury, Maryland, providing IT services and cybersecurity solutions to the Eastern Shore, Delaware, and the whole Delmarva region.

Managed Service Provider in Salisbury, Maryland

Airiam is the trusted managed service provider (MSP) and managed security service provider (MSSP) for businesses in Maryland, Delaware, the Eastern Shore, and the entire Delmarva region. We’ve located our office in the largest city on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Salisbury, giving us the ideal location to serve communities and local areas across the entire whole Delmarva peninsula:

  • Salisbury
  • Dover
  • Berlin
  • Denton
  • Ocean City
  • Ocean Pines
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Bethany Beach
  • Pocomoke City
  • Lewes
  • Easton
  • Cambridge
  • And More

We provide cybersecurity solutions and IT supports for startups, small businesses, and established companies with a single office or multiple locations. We’ll even help your remote employees get set up with the right hardware and software solutions.

Managed IT Services for the Eastern Shore, Delaware, and Delmarva Region

We aim to help your business become cyber resilient and secure from threats like ransomware and phishing. Our managed service provider solutions include:

  • Backup management
  • Vulnerability patching
  • User access control
  • Technical support
  • End-to-end recovery
  • Workstation management

Airiam partners with the leading hardware providers to deliver and manage laptops, computers, servers, storage systems, and other essential equipment. Our partnerships with Microsoft and other software providers ensure you get the most secure, up-to-date technology to keep your business safe and efficient.

We provide the following solutions to secure your business:

If disaster strikes, we’ll dispatch our local-based AirRescue™ team to provide end-to-end recovery and resolution. Our nearby proximity ensures we’ll be on the scene ASAP, meaning less downtime for you, better experiences for your customer, and improved protection for your data.

Get the Local-Managed IT Support You Need

You don’t want to trust just any ol’ managed service provider with your business’s wellbeing. You need a local-based partner you can trust—an organization that cares about your success and its impact on the community at large.
Here are a few of the benefits of partnering with a local managed service provider like Airiam:

  • Personalized Service: We get to know you and your unique business’s needs, allowing us to provide tailored recommendations to keep your systems secure and up to date.
  • Proximity: Close proximity to your business means we can be side by side in no time—not days or weeks.
  • Onsite Assistance: We come onsite to take carry of everything. Whether you need emergency assistance or hand-holding, we’re always nearby to help out.
  • Community: We’re not just business partners—we’re your friends and neighbors. We care about your success, and our experts will do everything in their power to protect and recover your systems.

Ready to get the IT support and cybersecurity solutions your company needs? Reach out to our security experts to discover how our Salisbury-based managed service provider solution can help your business with IT support, compliance, digital transformation, and cybersecurity protection.

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