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Customer Success Story: Union-Snyder CAA

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Airiam Supporting Those Who Help

When people in Union and Snyder Counties need a hand, they often turn to the Union-Snyder Community Action Agency (Union-Snyder CAA). The mission of the agency is to reduce poverty in Union and Snyder Counties through self-sufficiency initiatives for families and individuals in collaboration with our community partners.

Union-Snyder CAA trusts Airiam with its vital IT needs. Airiam takes this trust seriously and works hard to keep the IT environment running smooth. The efficient and resilient IT environment empowers the organization to accomplish its important mission. Sue Auman is the Executive Director of Union-Snyder CAA and Christine Hart is their MIS Director. They both shared their mission and how they partner with Airiam to succeed.

Empowering People to Overcome Barriers

Union-Snyder CAA was established as a political subdivision of Union and Snyder Counties in 1979 through a joint effort of County Commissioners and concerned citizens. Union County is in Pennsylvania and has its county seat in Lewisburg, which is where an Airiam’s Central PA office is located. Snyder is located nearby and is home to many agricultural and manufacturing businesses.

“At Union-Snyder Community Action Agency, we work with people who are living with low income and help them overcome their barriers to self-sufficiency. We do this by providing programs and services that help meet people where they are. We help them reach self-sufficiency and move on to abundance and prosperity,” said Sue.

Like many places in America, poverty and challenges persist. Union-Snyder CAA helps individuals living in poverty overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency. These barriers include inadequate housing, poor nutrition, lack of education, being previously incarcerated, unemployment, lack of transportation, and lack of financial instability.

They address these issues by providing holistic, strength-based programs and services to ensure abundance and prosperity. Union-Snyder CAA works with utilities to help families pay their bills during the winter months. They provide housing assistance programs. Transportation is often a barrier to employment and self-sufficiency, so Union-Snyder CAA has programs to help. Rising food costs have made putting food on the table even more difficult, so they administer four different food pantries.

IT Support and Cybersecurity with Airiam

Helping the people of Union and Snyder counties rise to abundance requires dedicated people, organization, the right processes, and technology. Airiam has provided Union-Snyder CAA with the IT solutions and technology to get the job done for almost 15 years.

“We work with Airiam on all out technology-based needs. They help with everything from our cloud-based computing to our servers to essentially all our network technology. Airiam supports staff with their technology needs,” said Sue.

If an issue or question arises, Sue and Christine know where to turn. From simple computer issues to cybersecurity, a technician at Airiam has a solution.

“Airiam has seamlessly helped us troubleshoot and solve all of our computer issues. They proactively setup all of our systems for maximum security of our data and our customer information, so we can deliver our solution of programs and services to customers,” said Sue.

Christine echoed Sue in praising the Airiam team’s ability to troubleshoot and fix any issue that arises. A properly setup IT environment and attentive management make Union-Snyder CAA a cyber resilient organization.

“The team is great to work with, especially in figuring out issues that we encounter that need to be fixed on our servers and computers,” said Christine.

Technology changes fast so having a partner to help them stay current is important. Airiam ensures Union Snyder CAA stays up-to-date so they can continue to operate effectively and provide services to the community.

“I trust them with our network. They work closely with us to ensure our success by helping us navigate technology despite rapid changes,“ said Christine.

Recommendations on Choosing an MSP Partner

There are many managed service providers (MSPs) out there, but they both recommended Airiam.

“Their customer service is tremendous. I can’t even think about doing our work without them. They are wonderful,” said Sue. “I always recommend Airiam to everyone I know who is looking for a solutions provider for their computer and technology needs,” she continued.

In the end, the people that Union-Snyder CCA help are what matter most. Sue and Christine can manage the programs that help so many without having to worry if a computer or server issue will take them down. The private information of those they serve is secure from data breaches, ransomware, and other threats. This gives everyone peace of mind.

“A big thanks to Airiam for meeting the technology needs in our agency as well as the community,” said Christine.

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