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Airiam Hires Alan Villaseñor to Build and Manage SOC

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Bill Bowman

Airiam, a managed IT and cybersecurity company with a deep focus and expertise on ransomware recovery, cyber resilience, and immutable backups today announced Alan Villaseñor will lead the company’s security operation center (SOC). Villaseñor holds CISM, GCFE, CTIA, CHFI, ITIL, and CEH certifications. He brings engineering experience and more than eight years of expertise in cybersecurity.

“Resilience is critical to cybersecurity, and we’re thrilled Alan will be leading Airiam’s SOC to bolster cyber resilience for our company and clients,” said Conor Quinlan, Airiam’s CEO. “Airiam’s SOC will build deeper resilience for our customers – essentially functioning as a resilience operations center, or ROC. Our already strong team of cybersecurity and resilience experts is now even stronger with the addition of Alan. We’re looking forward to thwarting the bad actors and keeping companies running despite attacks.”

Villaseñor specializes in blue team topics such as SOC environments, SIEM development, implementation, forensics, and incident response. Before joining Airiam, he provided actionable intelligence and playbooks to various companies in Latin America. He worked with multinational companies such as Deloitte as a cyber security consultant, a SOC manager for Dicofra, and a security advisor for HP Mexico. He is also an experienced lecturer at universities and events such as Talent Land, Campus Party and Bsides Mexico.

“Airiam is a leader in helping organizations become more secure and cyber resilient. They focus on outstanding customer support, which is something I’m passionate about. As threats grow increasingly sophisticated, it’s no longer if but when a business will face an attack. It’s critical to ensure business keeps running with minimal disruption when attacks happen, data remains accessible, and the blast radius is as small as possible. Airiam is the go-to company to rebuild and restore many businesses after devastating incidents. I’m proud to support their efforts and continue to deepen the team’s skill set as we stay a step ahead of threat actors,” said Villaseñor.

Adding top talent to Airiam’s SOC team will be a primary mission for Villaseñor. His servant leadership philosophy to build a leading team by giving his employees complete credit when the wins happen will motivate and retain team members who stake their success on exceptional customer support and service.

Airiam continues to lead the US in creating more cyber-resilient organizations. Some of the most significant breaches in the news were repaired by Airiam’s team. After recovery, Airiam stays with the company to build resilience to prevent future damage. The addition of Villaseñor to Airiam’s SOC will strengthen the organization’s ability to identify important customer assets, protect systems, detect threats, respond to attacks, and recover if an organization is impacted.

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