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Tips for Human Resilience

Vivian Lee

New Mini Podcast: Tips for Human Resilience

Airiam is excited to announce our new mini podcast, “Tips for Human Resilience”! Alternating with our normal podcast, we’re launching our series focused on helping leaders in the workforce help their organizations.

Our Speakers

“Tips for Human Resilience” will feature our favorite speaker, Art Ocain! Airiam’s Field CISO/CIO, Art is a genius in cybersecurity and IT. What you may not realize, though, is that Art is also a genius in making the workplace fun and enjoyable! We’re excited for Art to impart his secrets on building a great workplace community.

In addition, Airiam will have new and returning faces to talk about their own tips for human resilience. From our CEO, Conor Quinlan, to our disaster recovery teams, you’ll get to meet more of the Airiam family!

What Are Tips for Resilience?

From positivity at work to dealing with fatigue and burnout, we want to cover everything that you might need to feel more resilient in life. Airiam is dedicated to helping organizations become resilient, not only in cybersecurity and IT, but also in human resiliency. Our workplace is huge part of our daily lives, and as leaders in the workplace, we want to impart how we make the office a great place to be.

When Do Episodes Come Out?

Our mini podcasts will alternate with our regular episodes of “The Airiam Podcast,” so you can tune in regularly every other Wednesday for more information on resilience in technology, cybersecurity, and humanity!


You can find our podcasts on your favorite platforms!

What Tips for Human Resilience Do You Want To Learn About?

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