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Airiam Partners with UnderDefense to Set a New Benchmark for Cyber Resilience

Vivian Lee

[March 28, 2024] – Airiam, a leader in cybersecurity and resilience solutions has today announced its partnership with an innovative Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, UnderDefense, to set a new benchmark for cyber resilience in businesses. This union strives to achieve real continuous Resilience and Managed Detection & Response.
Leveraging Airiam’s superior Incident Recovery Team (IR) and UnderDefense’s MDR platform, the partnership will significantly optimize cost of Incident Response projects and ensure customers won’t face repetitive breaches and data loss.

UnderDefense MAXI MDR platform enables the Airiam IR team to leverage advanced 24×7 Threat detection analytics that enables accurate deployment and rapid decision-making to threat response in real time.

Businesses will benefit from this partnership through strengthened defenses and proactive approaches to securing their digital assets. Enterprises leveraging Airiam’s team to build a secure infrastructure will experience significant enhancement to their cybersecurity posture with UnderDefense Maxi MDR to assure 24/7 monitoring and breach prevention, implementing real continuous ‘R’ in Resilience and Response. Organizations are now empowered to identify and neutralize threats preemptively, thereby minimizing potential damages. It also offers comprehensive incident response services to swiftly address and contain any breaches.

“In order to effectively and quickly prevent and mitigate cybersecurity threats, businesses need full visibility of what’s going on within their business – and with UnderDefense’s innovative technology, we can provide just that. We’re not just addressing incidents as they happen; we’re actively working to prevent them and equipping our clients with the tools and strategies to maintain operations in the face of challenges,” says Art Ocain, VP of Cybersecurity and Incident Response at Airiam.

“Airiam’s mission to help businesses finally implement real cyber resilience through proactive incident detection and response is ideally aligned with our commitment to delivering top-tier Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. Through this partnership, we look forward to securing businesses through better insights and technology while facing evolving cyber threats,” adds Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO at UnderDefense.

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