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Customer Success Story: Blue Water

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Bill Bowman

Personalized IT Support Helps Blue Water Serve Vacationers

Blue Water is a real estate development company headquartered in Ocean City, Maryland. The company specializes in hospitality and outdoor recreation. The campgrounds that Blue Water run delight thousands of people each year. Blue Water’s properties are known for their unique amenities, such as private beaches, water slides, lazy rivers, and miniature golf courses.

To provide amazing customer service to customers and keep operations rolling, they rely on Airiam for their IT and communication needs. Blue Water’s Licensing and Permitting Coordinator Andrea Gillen, Project Manager Jessica Lewis, Reservation Center Manager Josh Esworthy, and Corporate Human Resources Generalist Drew O’Neill shared their experience working with Airiam.

Blue Water places a strong emphasis on customer service. They strive to create a family-friendly environment at their properties. The company’s values include integrity, passion, adaptability, quality, innovation, and happiness.

“Everyone uses our core beliefs when we work day-to-day. I have always loved that about Blue Water,” said Andrea.

“Their Team Quickly Becomes Your Team”

Airiam Director of Client Care Kirk Rothgeb leads the charge from Airiam in supporting the company’s IT and communication strategy. He is based out of the Airiam Salisbury office. Kirk has over 10 years of experience in IT support and has a passion for helping people with their IT challenges and goals.

“It’s fun. It’s not like going to work. I just enjoy the people I talk to and enjoy helping people,” said Kirk.

This passion for helping others has made Airiam and Kirk a trusted partner for the Blue Water employees. They look to him to be a problem solver and provide amazing IT support.

“Kirk, our guy from Airiam, is always there any time I need him. Anytime I have a problem or question, he is always right there. He is always going above and beyond to either hop on from a remote location or to pop over to my desk when he is in. He is always incredibly helpful and gets me going right away,” said Jessica.

His friendly and helpful nature makes the employees at Blue Water feel like Kirk and Airiam are members of the same team.

“Their team quickly becomes your team too. It doesn’t take long for their services to meet your expectations,” said  Josh.

Common projects that Airiam provides support for include:

  • Setting up employee accounts and access to email and other systems.
  • Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance the security of authenticating in.
  • Setting up virtual private network (VPN) access so employees can work on-the-go.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing common computer issues.
  • Installing and maintaining workstations and other devices.
  • Configuring and maintaining telecommunications services, including Vonage, to support customer reservations and support.

Airiam is there to provide a solution for any IT need that comes up.

Scaling Operations With Airiam’s IT Help

Blue Water relies on Airiam to get new hires up and running fast.

“Airiam is a great resource for us because it sets our people up for success from their first day on,” said Drew.

The support from Airiam means Blue Water can scale operations without a huge expense to build internally. Instead, they can focus on what their core business goal is: raising the standard of excellence and innovation in real estate development and hospitality. Blue Water Development went from around 6 properties to 50+ properties in recent years. Kirk and Airiam stepped up to give them the support they needed.

“Thanks to Kirk and Airiam and the relationship, we have been able to scale and have everything covered without having to hire someone full time to do that,” said Josh.

Efficient IT and Telephony Leads to Relaxing Vacations

Booking a trip is a big deal. Prospective guests pore over the campsite, rooms, locations, pricing, and amenities. When it is time to make the call to reserve, a delay or missed message can mean the difference between a happy customer and a missed opportunity. That is why Blue Water relies on Airiam to serve guests from initial booking and throughout their experience.

“In the reservation center, we are the first experience for the guest… If [phone systems and IT] are not setup and their first experience is not positive, they may not wait around to book or give us a second chance or call back. If all that is not setup properly, and that all starts with Kirk and the IT, then it could change their experience and we may never get to meet them,” said Josh.

Beyond the booking process, quality and reliable IT and phones lead to happy guests.

“We want to give our guests the best experience using every way we can find… It’s definitely important to have great IT,” said Drew.

Recommendations for People Looking for IT Support

There are many managed service providers (MSPs) on the Eastern Shore, but the group all recommends Airiam.

“I would definitely recommend Airiam to others that are looking for an IT service. They provide that first-level experience and service,” said Andrea.

At the end of the day, the support Airiam’s caring IT support results in more people getting to spend time and unwind with their family and friends.

“I would recommend Airiam to anyone looking for 3rd party IT, because I genuinely think that the people on their team care,” said Drew.

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