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Customer Success Story: Noble Biomaterials

Vivian Lee

 Airiam Supporting Innovation

When most people think of silver, they don’t think of clothes. Noble Biomaterials found this void in the market and focused on selling silver fiber technology for its antimicrobial and conductive properties. Exempt from pandemic shutdowns due to their status as an essential sole-source technology supplier of medical components and antimicrobial products to the US Military and healthcare industry, Noble Biomaterials and their infection prevention textiles have made massive strides in the government, healthcare, and even across name brands like Lululemon and Athleta.

Noble Biomaterials relies on Airiam for its critical IT requirements. Airiam values this responsibility and dedicates our efforts towards maintaining a seamless and secure IT infrastructure. An efficient and resilient IT environment allows companies to continue safely scaling their innovations. The Director of Information Technology, Thomas Fischer, shares how working with Airiam helps them succeed.

Silver Is the New Gold

Despite silver being utilized for centuries in preservation and healthcare, its potent antimicrobial and conductive capabilities had yet to be implemented in consumer apparel. With the aim of leveraging silver fiber technology for its new uses, Joel Furey and Bill McNally established Noble in 1997 as an intelligent materials company.

“We specialize with silver nitrate weaved into fabric that allows for antimicrobial properties that help with odor and longevity for your items,” said Thomas.

In less than a quarter of a century, Noble has rapidly expanded from a company with a modest product line to a life-sustaining multinational enterprise. Its products are currently deployed in hospitals, burn care centers, military installations, and US embassies across the globe. Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Noble works directly with our Central PA office.

IT Support and Cybersecurity with Airiam

To register as a medical device manufacturing facility with the US FDA, obtain multiple 510(k) medical device clearances, and manufacture several EPA-approved antimicrobial products, dedicated individuals, proper organization, suitable processes, and technology are necessary.

“At this time, we use Airiam’s Premier Plan to make sure we receive the best support we can,” said Thomas

When technology issues occur, your cybersecurity and IT partner must be able to step up.

“I honestly can’t count the amount of times Airiam has been there to help with critical issues we’ve been having with our network,” said Thomas.

When problems arise, Airiam can come in to save the day with data recovery and backups or with cybersecurity solutions.

“[When we were] having an issue with our sever going down for a power problem, they were here as fast as possible with their backup solutions in play. When we had issues with scammers or hackers trying to infiltrate our network, Airiam was there proactively resolving issues, letting us know what they found. Then overall upgrading our security,” said Thomas.

Recommendations on Choosing a Cybersecurity & IT Partner

There are many managed service providers (MSPs) out there, but Thomas recommends Airiam.

“When we first started with Airiam, we noticed a difference when it came to the other IT companies. They were proactive, they were happy and enjoyable to talk to, and overall they got the issue resolved. They’re not only there to put a quick fix into place, but they’re there to find a solution, a permanent solution for your company,” said Thomas

Of course, Airiam’s technology is only as good as the technicians we use to implement it. For companies like Noble Biomaterials, working with other organizations in government and healthcare, we guarantee a high-quality team.

“I just want to give a quick shoutout to all the technicians working at Airiam. Their support, their attitudes, the way they resolve issues are top quality. Every single time I call into Airiam, or I create a ticket with them, the response back I receive is welcoming and ready to resolve that issue, and that’s what I enjoy the most,” said Thomas.

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