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Introducing Airiam

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Introducing Airiam

With Acquisitions of Syntervision and Transcendent, a New Cybersecurity Firm for SMEs Emerges

Airiam, a newly formed managed IT and Digital Transformation company with a strong focus on cybersecurity, today announced the acquisitions of Alabama-based Syntervision and Wisconsin-based Transcendent. The acquisitions extend Airiam’s position as a leading provider of best-in-class IT management and cybersecurity platforms. These acquisitions are significant in Airiam’s commitment to offering more value by delivering enterprise-grade technology, cyber protection and digital transformation services to SMEs.

Terms of the deals were not disclosed, but Airiam now stands at 120 employees, providing IT and cybersecurity services to more than 500 companies today.

Airiam recently formed as an IT managed service provider (MSP) and managed security service provider (MSSP) with a core focus on serving SMEs with outsourced or co-managed IT, digital transformation and cybersecurity by combining the services and strengths of its other recently acquired companies along with Syntervision and Transcendent.

Acquired Companies

  • Pennsylvania-based MePush is a managed service and ransomware incident response services company that responds to and recovers 100+ incidents a year while developing long-term IT and cybersecurity relationships through positive outcomes.
  • Houston-based Indigo Beam partners with SME/Enterprise clients in energy, government and other sectors, and specializes in digital transformation and innovative mobile/web applications.
  • Houston-based LOGIC Solutions Group makes the world of information management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) more accessible.
  • Alabama-based Syntervision is the developer of a robust cybersecurity XDR, SIEM and SOAR solution in addition to a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • Wisconsin-based Transcendent is an IT managed services company and Value Added Reseller (VAR) supporting SMEs and enterprises throughout Wisconsin and Chicago.

As Airiam, these organizations are now combined under the one brand, offering a full suite of robust managed IT and cybersecurity solutions to provide businesses with large enterprise-grade quality cybersecurity services backed by Airiam’s ransomware recovery guarantee.

Comments from Founders

“We are thrilled to bring Syntervision’s IT and cybersecurity platform along with Transcendent’s flexible suite of IT and cloud-based solutions to the Airiam organization. Airiam is pioneering an approach to enterprise products that scale the IT and cybersecurity needs of SMEs, and we will soon be announcing a unique offering to the SME market,” said Ohad Jehassi, Airiam’s CEO. “There is much confusion about the needs of small and mid-sized businesses in the cybersecurity market. These firms are more exposed to risk yet have fewer resources available to manage it. We strive to simplify technology services and pricing models for our customers to ensure they have the right managed IT and best cyber protection. These acquisitions will be instrumental in creating a world-class family of Airiam products and platforms to manage IT and digital transformation that protects and serves our SME customers.”

He added, “Syntervision and Transcendent are joining an exciting, new organization that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Jehassi and company President Elliot Luchansky co-founded Airiam in response to the need for consolidation in a fragmented and regionally focused IT MSP arena. They identified companies with exceptional products and founded Airiam to consolidate the strengths of these companies. The new company can reach more SMEs across the US and better serve their growing needs. Airiam’s strategy consists of three interconnected and bold ambitions: to offer the best IT management products and services, build the best-in-class cybersecurity platform, and create more value for businesses through digital transformation.

“Smaller companies, often run by brilliant IT teams that created the solution, make up the current MSP space. Many offer outstanding products but use outdated business models and focus on regional customer bases due to their ability to size and scale. Solutions available today are piecemeal for SMEs looking to protect their IT infrastructure,” said Luchansky. “At Airiam, we’re consolidating the best of these platforms and products into a single solution. It’s scalable, operationally centralized and offers SMEs an enterprise product that encompasses the whole of their cybersecurity and MSP needs in one place at an affordable price.”

Cybercriminals go where opportunities are, and underserved mid-market companies are at risk more than ever. Airiam provides bundled IT management with a cybersecurity framework that bolsters small to mid-sized businesses and safeguards them from cyberattacks. The acquisitions of Syntervision and Transcendent boost the capabilities of Airiam’s current product mix.

Airiam boasts an experienced C-suite with deep operational expertise in the MSP and MSSP industries. The team brings a unique combination of operations, sales and marketing, investment, integration, and execution to the organization. Having held C-suite positions in private equity-backed companies, Airiam’s leadership team has demonstrated great success growing enterprise values north of 10x.

About Airiam

Airiam provides businesses with best-in-class managed IT and cybersecurity solutions, including AirGuard, a bundled suite of IT and cybersecurity software and services offered at per-user monthly plans. Airiam’s managed IT services are scalable, agile and robust for all business types. With Airiam, businesses benefit from on-demand responses 24/7/365 and reduced workloads of in-house teams. Learn more at

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