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Prepare Your Company for Future Attacks: Threat Actors Webinar

Vivian Lee

Prepare Your Company: That’s a wrap!

Airiam and ThreatLocker wrapped up our final webinar in our Threat Actors series! Art Ocain and Danny Jenkins went in-depth about Royal Ransomware and data exfiltration.

Royal Ransomware

Royal Ransomware is a sophisticated malware that emerged in 2022. The malware quickly gained notoriety due to the unique partial encryption approach that allows the threat actor to choose a specific percentage of data in a file to encrypt, which can help them evade detection. In addition, they also engage in extortion tactics where they threaten to publicly release the data if they do not receive the ransom. In November 2022, Royal Ransomware had 43 new victims with ransoms ranging from $250,000 to $2 million.

Airiam and ThreatLocker have both had extensive experience dealing with Royal Ransomware. While Airiam has focused on pre and post-breach, ThreatLocker has great experience in incident response, particularly in terms of immediate containment and isolating machines during rebuilding.

Data Exfiltration

During the webinar, Danny showed us a data exfiltration attempt using a Rubber Ducky. A Rubber Ducky is a specific type of hardware device used in hacking and penetration testing. A Rubber Ducky is typically used by ethical hackers, security professionals, and penetration testers to automate tasks or exploit vulnerabilities in a target system. It is programmed to mimic keyboard inputs and can perform a wide range of actions, including:

  • Keystroke Injection
  • Malware Deployment
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Automated Tasks
  • Social Engineering

Using the Rubby Ducky, Danny also showed us how ThreatLocker blocked the attempts to hack into the victim computer.

View the Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar! If you’d like to view this webinar or our previous ones, please use the links below to view them on YouTube.

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