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Podcast: Resilience While Recording

Vivian Lee

Episode Summary

Anything can happen when you’re recording! From webinars to podcasts, Art Ocain and Vivian Lee know best about random mistakes and accidents when you’re trying to get the perfect audio and video. What can you do to prevent these mistakes or what can you do to fix them? Vivian and Art talk about their own experiences and tips for your business to stay resilient while recording.

Prepare Your Recording Area

From making sure your background and surroundings are clear to checking your lighting, preparing your recording area before you record is a big way to prevent issues before they happen. Simple ways to improve your recording are to:

  • Make sure your area is empty and free of people walking in and out
  • Have optimal lighting in front of you (like a ring light or a window)
  • Clear your background or use a virtual background.
    • The best ones are simple and professional, but not empty

Get Your Tools

The right tools for recording are another important aspect! Art and Vivian recommend:

  • Having a good mic
    • Preferably, use a podcasting mic for optimal sound, but wired headphones like the ones from Apple work as well!
  • A recording platform
    • You can record audio and video at the same time on Zoom, or record into programs like Adobe Audition.
  • An editing platform
    • Airiam uses Adobe Premiere and Audition for video and audio.
  • Headphones

Have Backups

Technology can fail. That’s not a question. So make sure you have backups for:

  • Your audio
    • If your computer suddenly drops audio, make sure you can tag in with your phone!
  • Your WiFi
    • Using your phone data or a portable WiFi can save you during webinars.
  • Your microphone/headphones
    • This is a given, but sometimes your mics and headphones will suddenly break down.
  • Your speakers
    • If you’re operating on a tight deadline, or someone suddenly can’t make it, make sure you have a backup speaker or plan in place!

At the end of the day, preparation and having backups is applicable to all parts of your life. From your business to your personal life, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Keeping this in mind will help you stay resilient as you record.

Video Version

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