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Webinar: Actively Monitor Threats

Vivian Lee

That’s a wrap!

Airiam thanks everyone that attended our “Are You Cybersecurity Ready?” Webinar series! We wrapped up our series with how to actively monitor threats. Stay notified about upcoming webinars and events with the link below.

We covered:

  • Different types of & most common threats
  • Importance of active monitoring
  • How to actively monitor threats
  • Tools & techniques
  • Responding & improving

During our actively monitor threats session, we learned that:

  • The most common threats businesses face are phishing attacks, malware, and data breaches.
  • There are more than 5,000 types of threats.
  • 14% of SMBs and 27% of MMEs experienced a data breach incident in 2022.

Quick Tips & Techniques

Here are some easy things to start implementing in your business now:

Tips Techniques
  • Use strong passwords and security questions
  • Keep software up to date
  • Use, upgrade, and maintain firewalls
  • Install antivirus and anti-malware software
  • Be careful about what information you share online
  • Educate employees about cyber threats through training
  • Use security software
    • Identify and block threats, such as malware and phishing attacks.
  • Monitor network traffic
    • Identify suspicious activity, such as large data transfers or unusual login attempts.
  • Use threat intelligence
    • Identify emerging threats and provide insights into the tactics and techniques of attackers.
  • Threat hunting
    • Proactive approach to security that involves actively searching for threats that may have evaded traditional security controls.

Where do you stand? If you don’t have these items in place, send us a message.

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Previous Webinars

Our last webinar will be in June! Register to make sure you’re completing our “Are You Cybersecurity Ready?” series. If you’re unable to attend the webinar live, be sure to register so you can receive the recording link afterwards.

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